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Here some ASP VB-Script examples, intended to be used on a IIS (Internet Information Server) from Microsoft or any other application that supports ActiveX/COM-Objects.
You may change the code according to the documentation.

Simple Text SMS | Bulk SMS | Flashing SMS | Alphanumeric Originator | SMS with delivery notification | SMS with error validation | WAP-Push |


WAP Push

WAP-Push is similar to MMS. You send an SMS containing a link, which points to MMS-Content on a WebServer. The recipient receives the link, establishes a GPRS connection and gets the content from the remote server by WAP. Sending a WAP-Push link through ASPSMS costs the same price as a normal SMS.

It's already now possible to send such WAP-Pushs by yourself if you are familiar with this extensive technology by using the aspsms properties

  • SMS.MessageData
  • SMS.XSer

  • and the function
  • SMS.SendBinaryData
  • If you don't know this technology we can offer you a beta-example program in Visual Basic who creates the necessary hex-codes. Just write us when you need this hex-code example program.

    Here you will find a working example for a WAP Push SMS:

    Title: This is an example title for a WAP-Push message...

    MessageData: 090601AE02056A0045C60D03617370736D732E636F6D2F

    XSer: 01070605040B8423F00201F70D0100

    If Messagedata contains more than 140 Bytes, you have to add concatenation information (not included within this example).

      ' (c) 2003 by VADIAN.NET AG
      ' wap push example
      Set SMS = Server.CreateObject("ASPSMS.Booster")
      SMS.Userkey = "I3QHMYKEY6E"
      SMS.Password = "mypassword"
      SMS.Originator = "cathy"
      SMS.MessageData = "090601AE02056A0045C60D03617370736D732E636F6D2F696D67..."
      SMS.XSer = "01070605040B8423F00201F70D0100"
      SMS.AddRecipient "0044734255533"
      lResult = SMS.ErrorCode
      Set SMS = Nothing

    More ASP VB-Script examples:

    Simple Text SMS | Bulk SMS | Flashing SMS | Alphanumeric Originator | SMS with delivery notification | SMS with error validation | WAP-Push |

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