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Example: Private User
Here a price example for a small SMS volume client like a small business or a private person. Estimated volume: a few hundred SMS per month.

Current price list based on: CHF
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BELIZE Belize Telemedia Limited
Functionality  Credits  Total Price
Text SMS 1 Credit 6 Rp.
VCard 1 Credit 6 Rp.
Binarydata 1 Credit 6 Rp.
WAP-Push (similar to MMS) 1 Credit 6 Rp.
Delivery Notification (dll) 0.25 Credits 1.5 Rp.
Delivery Notification (http) free free

Credit Pricing

Package Pricing  
500 Credits 9 Rp.45.00 CHFExample
1'000 Credits 9 Rp.90.00 CHFExample
2'500 Credits 9 Rp.225.00 CHFExample
5'000 Credits 9 Rp.450.00 CHFExample

10'000 Credits 8 Rp.800.00 CHFExample
25'000 Credits 8 Rp.2'000.00 CHFExample

50'000 Credits 7 Rp.3'500.00 CHFExample
75'000 Credits 7 Rp.5'250.00 CHFExample

100'000 Credits 6 Rp.6'000.00 CHFExample
500'000 Credits 6 Rp.30'000.00 CHFExample

Planned Termination Fees (Last update: 21.10.2014)

Belize: Currently there are no new termination fees planned.

Warnings (Last update: 21.10.2014)

Belize: Currently there are no warnings for new termination fees in this country. There are no networks in this country where termination fees existed already once and could be introduced again on one of our roaming partners.

Available SMS tools and interfaces for ASPSMS in Belize

SMS tools for End Users in Switzerland
Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 Mobile Servicefree
Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 Mobile Servicefree
SMS Blaster Web Editionfree
SMS Blaster Windows Editionfree
SMS touch for iPhone and iPod touchShareware
ECO-SMS - Ökologische SMS!Shareware
Cybersystems mscrmSMSsee price list for details
Jabber-Client Chatopus for Palm OSsmall one-time payment
delight Software GmbHsee price list for details
ASPSMS Widget for Macfree
SMS scripts and interfaces for developers in Switzerland
NEW: Node.js interface for ASPSMSfree
PHP Class for ASPSMS SOAP web servicefree
aspsms.dll (Active-X)free
SOAP Web Servicefree
ASPSMS SMTP Interfacefree
VBscript Class (ASP)free
PHP - Python - C# - Javafree
Jabber to SMS for Server Adminsfree (open source)
SMS Blaster Visual Basic Source Codefree
Premium SMS GatewayDetails
Network coverage
Supported networks around the world

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Are you still not a client of ASPSMS? Just proceed here to register!

Information and announcements about the ASPSMS system status.

Network status

2013-04-11 - New: ASPSMS has added a great number of additional countries and new networks.
ASPTOKEN - Increase login security by SMS

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Our prices are easy to understand! No setup costs, no maintanance fees, no fix costs at all. You pay just the desired SMS volume and based on very advantageous prices.

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Two-Way Messaging

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Supported operators in your country:

OK Mobile
Orange Communications
Sunrise Mobile
Swisscom Mobile
Very Mucho