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Case Studies: Recruitment

Peer-to-Peer Recruitment Inc.: Communicate through all possible channels

Not only recruiters recruit staff - staff recruits staff.

The two recruiters Vincent Breuer and Roland Hartmann were very successful as entrepreneur for several times in the past.

  • Both know the recruitment industry very well
  • Both are digital natives.
  • Roland Hartmann is a typical Early Adopter. He knows about technological trends.
  • The visionary Vincent Breuer is an active Socializer who has a good feeling for the impact of technological trends in society.

Because of the sale of their last project, the two entrepreneurs are in the chips and can't wait to implement their new ideas:

The Idea

Vincent Breuer had learned in the past:

  • Recruiters who do their job with the same enthusiasm as himself are hard to find.
  • Relations to employers are and stay his responsibility.
  • Good workers know good workers: every now and then a worker could be rewarded with a small bonus for a lead to a placement.

Together with Roland Hartmann's fascination for Disruptive Innovation, these learnings made the two entrepreneurs realize:

Not only recruiters recruit
staff - staff recruits staff.

The Implementation

Acquisition of new customers, trust building, contracts, customer relations, and everything related to the employer remains Vincent Breuer domain. The search for candidates, however, could be delegated to the candidates and their friends themselves.

Under the guidance of Roland Hartmann viral strategies are designed to let grow the pool of potential candidates continuously at a high quality level.

Public relations is taken very seriously, so that the company called Peer-to-Peer Recruitment Inc. gets well known and has a friendly image.

At last but not least, a simple and attractive reward system has to be established: a lead to a successful placement is rewarded in cash!

Peer-to-Peer Recruiting Inc. handles the growing community very carefully and lovingly, communicating with the network of potential candidates and their friends easily at all possible channels.

The specially hired Simone Kriensler maintains the fast growing community carefully via Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, SMS, email, etc. If someone calls the Peer-to-Peer Recruiting Inc. candidate hotline number, he talks to Simone Kriensler the loving and warm contact person, who helps to solve all problems.

The legendary Peer-to-peer Afterwork Apéros are so successful mostly because of Simone Kriensler. All candidates know, Simone is nice to everyone. But to me she is even a little nicer.

To send SMS, Peer-to-Peer Recruitment Inc. is using the ASPSMS gateway. Because the candidate database is carefully maintained, Simone Kriensler can send very personalized text messages and address every single candidate in a very direct way. Below some examples of text messages, Simone Kriensler is sending:

Different Examples

Personalized broadcast to several hundred recipients:

SMS-OUT: Hi Mike, what do you do on the weekend? Please do some advertising for us and give away many lighters. ;-) Hugs, Simone

SMS-OUT: Hi-ho Yanik, hale and hearty? We are looking for a plasterer and a Polymechanic. Please ask your network. Reward: 100.- for each person! Hugs peer-to-peer Simy, 0580000000

To ensure that the Peer-to-Peer Afterwork Apéros are a success, Simone Kriensler does promote the events on all channels:

More Examples

SMS-OUT: Hey Dani :-) We are giving away a jackpot of 666.- at x Peer-to-Peer Afterwork from 29.2. at 17:30. Infos on! hugs, Simy

SMS-OUT: Hi Reto, we offer Weder butcher's shop famous cold cut plates at today's Afterwork Apéro! CU later + many hugs, peer-to-peer-Simy

SMSBLASTER.CH web edition Therefore, the SMSBLASTER.COM web edition is used in combination with a Global Two-Way number (e.g. +41790000000).

Simone Kriensler sends all text messages with this originator.

Candidates send text messages exclusively to the Global Two-Way Nummer +41790000000.

All replies of are received in the Two-Way Inbox of the SMSBLASTER.COM web edition. All incoming text messages additionally are forwarded by email.

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