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Contact Tracing: Guest and participant registration made easy

In March 2020, VADIAN.NET AG, as an established St. Gallen IT company, developed the solution for the registration of guests in restaurants, bars, clubs and at festivals, trade fairs and shareholders' meetings; i.e. events of all kinds.

Foto: Unsplash is already in use in many small and medium-sized Swiss companies and enterprises and is being rolled out further. Security companies also rely on and thus support those responsible for the event. will soon be offered in two versions and will be constantly developed further. - without scan function
Two-factor authentication of the mobile phone number. - with scan function
Entry and exit to the event can also be logged by scan.

Test phase has started / first completed deployment:
For the popular St. Gallen Culture Festival (26.06.-18.07.20) the version «QuickRegScan» was developed, which logs the time of coming and going of each guest/participant. The visitors present are also counted.

With we enable the operators and entrepreneurs of events to implement the registration of guests in a fast, uncomplicated and cost-effective way. The mobile phone number is verified by SMS, and the other data collected, such as surname, first name, postcode, city and e-mail address, can - if necessary - be compared with a valid ID card by security personnel. These mass measures ensure that the information provided by the guest is correct and that it is possible to track visitors if necessary. The contact details can be prepared by the visitor himself within a very short time and made available to the responsible authorities as a PDF or Excel file. Data protection conformity: The automatic deletion of the collected user data after 14 days is guaranteed.


Basically, the effective SMS costs per visitor/guest are lower than (Ø 6-9 Rp) for the QuickReg variant, the QuickRegScan variant shows the effective costs per SMS and usually the costs for 2 scans, one at entry and exit (Ø 12-18 Rp). No further costs are incurred.

Example QuickReg (without scan)
Shareholders' meeting of 300 persons

Two-factor authentication Mobile phone number
Sending 300 SMS
246 SMS x 1.0  =  246.00 ASPSMS Credits (82 % Swisscom, Sunrise)
 54 SMS x 1.75 = 94.50 ASPSMS Credits (18 % salt)
Total           340.50 ASPSMS credits
Total            30.65 CHF

Example (QuickReg with Scan)
Watch exchange with 300 people

Prior registration via (example)
Two-factor authentication Mobile phone number
Sending 300 SMS
246 SMS   x 1.0  = 246.00 ASPSMS Credits (82 % Swisscom, Sunrise)
 54 SMS   x 1.75 =  94.50 ASPSMS Credits (18 % salt)

300 Scans x 1.0  = 300.00 ASPSMS Credits (entry)
300 Scans x 0.5  = 150.00 ASPSMS Credits (exit)
Total              790.50 ASPSMS Credits
Total               71.15 CHF 

In both variants, the list of participants is visible live and can be exported as a PDF or Excel file at the push of a button. What is to be displayed during registration can be configured individually.

Since 1995 the Tech-Team of VADIAN.NET AG has a very large experience with APIs / interfaces of all kinds. We are always available for adjustments, wishes and additions.

Phone 071 246 56 56

Please feel free to contact us to learn more about in a personal conversation.

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