Tuesday, December 05, 2023
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SMS Blaster for Windows: Screenshot

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WAP Push Picture | General Settings Personalized Bulk Text SMS

The SMS Blaster offers easy to use help tools to send personalized bulk SMS to your clients. If needed, please insert the placeholders into the text SMS. There is a simple preview function to control if everything looks like you intended it.

SMS Blaster Screenshot Personalized Bulk Text SMS

SMS Blaster Screenshot Personalized Bulk Text SMS Preview

Software download:

Click the following first link to download the ready to go SMS Blaster software. Just run the setup, order some SMS on aspsms.com and you will be able to use all powerfull features of the SMS Blaster.

smsblaster.zip (5.35 MB)

You want to modify something on SMS Blaster? You intend to write new usefull functionalities? Click the next link to download the source code of SMS Blaster. Feel free to modify the code.
- Full version of SMS Blaster 1.41
- Visual Basic 6.0 (Important Note: Servicepack 5 has to be installed, otherwise it doesn't work)

smsblastersource.zip (123 KB)

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