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Please choose the currency in which you want to pay: CHF | EURO | USD

No Setup fee, no monthly fees, no hidden costs. Credits do not expire.

A normal Text SMS usually cost 1 Credit. Please consult the exceptions at the bottom of the page.

500 Credits 6 Cents30.00 EURO
1'000 Credits 6 Cents60.00 EURO
2'500 Credits 6 Cents150.00 EURO
5'000 Credits 6 Cents300.00 EURO

10'000 Credits 5.5 Cents550.00 EURO
25'000 Credits 5.5 Cents1'375.00 EURO

50'000 Credits 4.5 Cents2'250.00 EURO
75'000 Credits 4.5 Cents3'375.00 EURO

100'000 Credits 4 Cents4'000.00 EURO
500'000 Credits 4 Cents20'000.00 EURO

Price per message type

Text SMS1 Credit
Binarydata 1 Credit
WAP-Push (similar to MMS)1 Credit
VCard1 Credit
Delivery Notificationfree

Termination Fees (Last update: 25.04.2016)

Some network providers charge additional termination fees. Please note: The effective price is calculated by multiplication of the 'Price per Message Type' with the fee mulitiplier.
Delivery Notifications are free of charge, independent of the network.

Network Fee Multiplier Fee Starting
ALGERIA Wataniya Telecom AlgeriaCredits * 1.7518.04.2013
ARGENTINA Telecom Personal S. A.Credits * 1.7518.04.2013
AUSTRIA A1 Telekom AustriaCredits * 1.7501.07.2005
AUSTRIA Hutchison Drei AustriaCredits * 1.7501.06.2004
AUSTRIA T-Mobile Austria GmbHCredits * 1.7501.12.2002
BAHAMAS The Bahamas Telecom. Comp LtdCredits * 1.525.04.2016
BELGIUM Belgacom MobileCredits * 2.7501.03.2003
BELGIUM BASECredits * 2.7518.04.2013
BELGIUM MobistarCredits * 2.7501.12.2002
BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA M:tel BosniaCredits * 1.7518.04.2013
BRAZIL Claro BrasilCredits * 1.7526.10.2011
BULGARIA GlobulCredits * 2.7518.04.2013
BULGARIA MobilTelCredits * 1.7518.04.2013
BURKINA FASO Airtel Burkina FasoCredits * 2.7518.04.2013
CAPE VERDE CV MovelCredits * 1.7518.04.2013
COLOMBIA Comcel Claro ColombiaCredits * 1.7518.04.2013
COLOMBIA Telefonica Moviles ColombiaCredits * 1.7518.04.2013
CONGO Airtel (Zain-Celtel) Congo BrazzavilleCredits * 2.7518.04.2013
CROATIA Croatian TelecomCredits * 1.7501.11.2006
CROATIA Vipnet GSM d.o.o.Credits * 1.7501.07.2006
CYPRUS CYTACredits * 1.7518.04.2013
CZECH REPUBLIC T-Mobile Czech RepublicCredits * 2.7530.03.2005
CZECH REPUBLIC Telefonica Czech RepublicCredits * 2.7501.06.2007
CZECH REPUBLIC Vodafone Czech Republic a.s.Credits * 2.7501.06.2007
ESTONIA AS EMTCredits * 1.7518.04.2013
FINLAND Elisa CorporationCredits * 1.501.07.2007
FINLAND TeliaSonera Finland OyjCredits * 1.501.08.2009
FRANCE Free MobileCredits * 2.7518.04.2013
FRANCE Orange FRCredits * 2.7501.12.2001
FRANCE Bouygues TelecomCredits * 2.7501.08.2004
FRANCE SFRCredits * 2.7502.01.2002
GERMANY Telekom Deutschland GermanyCredits * 1.7501.01.2002
GERMANY VodafoneCredits * 1.7513.12.2002
GERMANY E-PlusCredits * 1.7501.03.2002
GERMANY Telefonica O2 GermanyCredits * 1.7501.08.2001
GREECE Wind HellasCredits * 1.7501.06.2004
GREECE Vodafone GreeceCredits * 2.7501.07.2004
GREECE CosmoteCredits * 2.7516.10.2003
HUNGARY Telenor MagyarorszagCredits * 2.7501.03.2004
HUNGARY Vodafone HungaryCredits * 2.7518.04.2013
HUNGARY Magyar Telekom T-Mobile HungaryCredits * 1.7501.04.2006
ISRAEL Pelephone Communication LTD (PCL)Credits * 1.7518.04.2013
ITALY Telecom Italia MobileCredits * 1.7501.11.2001
ITALY WIND Telecomunicazioni ItalyCredits * 1.7515.05.2003
ITALY Vodafone OmnitelCredits * 1.7501.07.2001
KAZAKHSTAN Kcell JSCCredits * 2.7518.04.2013
KENYA SafaricomCredits * 1.7518.04.2013
LATVIA LMTCredits * 1.7518.04.2013
LATVIA Tele2 LatviaCredits * 1.7518.04.2013
LEBANON MIC 1 S.A.L.Credits * 1.7501.06.2005
LEBANON MTC-MIC2 LebanonCredits * 1.7509.04.2008
MACEDONIA VIP OPERATOR DOOEL SkopjeCredits * 1.7518.04.2013
MACEDONIA T-Mobile MacedoniaCredits * 2.7501.06.2004
MALI Orange MaliCredits * 1.7518.04.2013
MAURITANIA Mauritel MobilesCredits * 1.7518.04.2013
NEPAL NTCCredits * 1.7518.04.2013
NETHERLANDS T-Mobile Nederlands BVCredits * 2.7501.10.2002
NETHERLANDS T-Mobile Netherlands (former Orange)Credits * 2.7501.01.2002
NETHERLANDS Vodafone NetherlandsCredits * 2.7501.10.2001
NETHERLANDS KPN MobielCredits * 2.7501.02.2002
NETHERLANDS Telfort KPNCredits * 2.7501.05.2002
NEW CALEDONIA OPT New CaledoniaCredits * 1.7501.04.2004
NEW ZEALAND Vodafone New ZealandCredits * 1.7501.04.2004
NORWAY TeliaSonera Norge/NetComCredits * 1.7523.01.2009
NORWAY Telenor Mobile NorwayCredits * 1.7523.01.2009
PHILIPPINES SMART CommunicationsCredits * 1.7518.04.2013
POLAND PolkomtelCredits * 1.7517.12.2003
POLAND T-MobileCredits * 1.7518.04.2013
PORTUGAL Vodafone TelecelCredits * 2.7501.02.2004
PORTUGAL Optimus (Sonaecom)Credits * 2.7501.07.2003
PORTUGAL MEO TMNCredits * 2.7505.09.2005
ROMANIA Cosmote Romanian MobileCredits * 1.7518.04.2013
ROMANIA Orange Romania SACredits * 2.7501.07.2004
RUSSIAN FEDERATION PJSC SmartsCredits * 2.7518.04.2013
SENEGAL OrangeCredits * 2.7518.04.2013
SERBIA AND MONTENEGRO VIP mobile d.o.oCredits * 1.7518.04.2013
SLOVAKIA Slovak TelekomCredits * 1.7501.06.2004
SPAIN Vodafone SpainCredits * 2.7501.08.2002
SPAIN Orange EspanaCredits * 2.7518.04.2013
SPAIN Telefonica Moviles-MovistarCredits * 2.7501.05.2002
SPAIN XFERA MovilesCredits * 2.7518.04.2013
SRI LANKA Dialog Axiata PLCCredits * 2.7518.04.2013
SWEDEN Telenor SwedenCredits * 1.520.03.2009
SWEDEN TeliaSonera Mobile Networks ABCredits * 1.504.02.2003
SWITZERLAND CoopMobileCredits * 1.7501.05.2006
SWITZERLAND SaltCredits * 1.7501.05.2006
TURKEY TurkcellCredits * 1.7501.08.2002
UKRAINE MTS UkraineCredits * 1.7518.04.2013
UKRAINE Kyivstar GSMCredits * 1.7518.04.2013
UKRAINE Astelit UkraineCredits * 1.7518.04.2013
UNITED KINGDOM Telefonica-O2 United KingdomCredits * 1.7510.06.2004
UNITED KINGDOM T-Mobile Everything Everywhere UK LtdCredits * 1.7508.01.2004
UNITED KINGDOM Orange UKCredits * 1.7501.04.2007
UNITED KINGDOM Vodafone UKCredits * 1.7501.04.2006
VANUATU Telecom VanuatuCredits * 2.7518.04.2013
VENEZUELA Telefonica Moviles VenezuelaCredits * 1.7518.04.2013
VIETNAM VMS MobiFoneCredits * 1.7518.04.2013
All other networksCredits * 1 

Planned Termination Fees

Currently there are no new termination fees planned.

Warnings (Last update: 22.07.2017)

There are network operators that already charge termination fees. As we are connected to several operators, we have no termination fees on the following networks. Please always that the following networks may reintroduce termination fees when dealing with us. We will inform you as soon as possible, if such a case arises. If possible we try to announce new termination fees as fast as possible in our "Planned Termination Fees" list.

ALBANIA: Vodafone Albania
ALGERIA: Djezzy-Orascom, ATM
AUSTRALIA: Vodafone Australia
DENMARK: Telenor Denmark, TDC, Telia Mobile Denmark, Hutchison Hi3G Denmark
ESTONIA: Elisa Mobiilsideteenused AS
FINLAND: Alands Telekommunikation AB
GUERNSEY: Sure-Cable & Wireless Guernsey
INDIA: Bharti Airtel Ltd Kolkata, Bharti Airtel Ltd Delhi
IRELAND: Vodafone Ireland, Meteor
ISRAEL: Partner Communication Company-Orange
JERSEY: JT-Wave (Jersey Telecom Ltd)
MALAYSIA: DiGi Telecom, Maxis
MALTA: Vodafone Malta
MOLDOVA: Moldcell
MOROCCO: Medi Telecom S.A.
MOZAMBIQUE: Mocambique Celular
ROMANIA: Vodafone Romania S.A.
SAUDI ARABIA: Mobility Etihad Etisalat
SENEGAL: Sentel - Tigo
SINGAPORE: SingTel Mobile, StarHub
SLOVENIA: Tusmobil, Telekom.SI (Mobitel Slovenia), SI.MOBIL
SWEDEN: Tele2 Sweden Comviq
TUNISIA: Tunicell Tunisie Telecom, Tunisiana Tunisia

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ASPSMS Widget for Macfree
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PHP Class for ASPSMS SOAP web servicefree
aspsms.dll (Active-X)free
SOAP Web Servicefree
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