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Global Two-Way SMS

The solution to receive SMS

With our global two-way SMS number, people who receive an SMS from you are now able to reply directly via SMS! With this solution any SMS sent from a mobile phone can be forwarded to your applications.

The SMS reply is received by our servers and forwarded by e-mail or HTTP-Get directly to your applications.

Our two-way SMS numbers enable international and operator independent SMS services, using a single virtual mobile number: People all around the world can send SMS to these numbers.

  • UK and Swiss numbers are available
  • German numbers and numbers of other countries on request
  • Global reach -> Coverage List
  • One or more numbers exclusively for you
  • No more problems with keywords
  • No SIM-cards needed
  • No setup fee. Just monthly -> Prices
  • Very fast setup

    The Global Two-Way SMS numbers have no "reverse billing" abilities. The minimum contract period is 12 months.

    Please select a number range

    You have to select a number range first in order to choose a number:

    Forward incoming SMS

    You can check the incoming SMS in you personal inbox at or forward them by e-mail or HTTP GET.

    After you have purchased your personal Global Two-Way Number you can set the forwarding options under 'My Mobile Numbers'.

    To forward SMS you can choose the following options:

    Forward SMS to E-Mail:

    You can set an e-mail address to which incoming SMS will be forwarded.
    The following options are possible:

    • normal E-Mail
    • E-Mail formatted as XML
    • Microsoft OMS compatible E-Mail

    Forward SMS by HTTP GET Request:

    You can specify an URL to which we will send an HTTP GET Request for each SMS received. Attention: URL redirection will not be processed.

    Example (all on one line no spaces):<MessageData> &RCPNT=<Recipient>&ORIG=<Originator>&SCTS= <DateReceived>

    The following query string parameters can be transmitted:


    e.g. (all on one line):<MessageData>&RCPNT=<Recipient> &ORIG=<Originator>&SCTS=<DateReceived>

    The placeholders in ">"<" characters are functional and must not be changed.

    The names of the "QueryString-Variables" can be changed


    Our system will then substitute the placeholders in ">"<" with URL encoded values.

    <DateReceived> is formatted ddmmyyyyhhmmss e.g. 08022005235049

    The values can also be forwarded by E-Mail plain/text or XML formatted:


    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>

    Please contact us to get more information about the attractive two-way SMS solution.

    Latest News

    2017-05-31: XML Interface: New Server Addresses
    Affiliate Program
    We offer several attractive affiliate programs for developers, portals, ISP's, magazines, download sites and personal individuals.
    No Setup Fee
    Our prices are easy to understand! No setup costs, no maintanance fees, no fix costs at all. You pay just the desired SMS volume and based on very advantageous prices.
    SMS for your Visitors
    Add a SMS portal to your website or your clients website. A very good marketing instrument to get high traffic and to open new revenue streams based on next generation mobile technologies.
    Global Two-Way SMS
    Check out our new Two-Way SMS Service with global reach! No SIM-cards needed, no setup fee, very fast setup and a very low monthly price per number...
    Roaming to other Countries
    Our special offer: At no additional costs you get the possibility to send SMS to more than 200 countries.


    Supported operators in your country:

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