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Microsoft Office Outlook 2007

Outlook Mobile Service

Use Outlook Mobile Service in Rules
Sending Text Messages is available for Rules and Alerts.

Open Rules and Alerts in the menue Tools.

Open Rules and Alerts.
Rules and Alerts
After the configuration of the Outlook Mobile-Notifications, an Outlook e-mail rule was automatically created. You can modify this rule to your needs.

A double mouse click on the automatically generated rule opens the rule with the Rules Wizard.

Rules and Alerts.
Rules Wizard
Have e-mails forwarded as text message according to your rules set.

Decide under what circumstances incoming messages are forwarded to your mobile phone.

Rules Wizard
Use the automatically generated rule as an template to create new own rules.

To have messages forwarded or sent to other mobile phones than your own, make sure that you select the recipient from the Mobile Address Book.

Mobile Phone Book.
More Outlook Mobile Services usage instructions: Microsoft resources for the Outlook Mobile Service:

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