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Dear ASP.NET developer

Welcome! We are happy to serve all ASP.NET developers who like to implement two-factor authentication services. You get free test-credits from us, detailed documentation for the implementation and personal support. We provide support in English and in German. As we are based in Switzerland, all data is automatically subject of the strict privacy policies of Switzerland.

We are one of the first global SMS API providers. We started initial messaging services in 1997 and launched ASPSMS in 2001. Over the years we have got over 200000 thousand developers and business users all around the world and we are well-known for the highest quality standards on the SMS delivery.

Please just test us and get convinced of the quality of our service.

Yours sincerely, ASPSMS team

Below, a complete C # Visual Studio 2015 ASP.NET core sample project which can be used to send SMS can be downloaded. Everything is completely local and runs without change. Complete Visual Studio 2015 Sample project with Dot Net Assembly:

Register and ask for Free Test Credits in a few easy steps:

  1. Step: Sign up

    Please insert your email address and choose a password for your future logins. Please take care and don't lose your password.

    Set Website Login Password

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  2. Step: Ask for free test SMS

    Balance Navigate to the page "Balance" and click the button [Request Free Test SMS Volumes].

    Request Free Test SMS Volumes Describe in one or two sentences, what you plan to use ASPSMS for. Our support will process your request and unlock the test credits.

    Click here for Request Free Test SMS Volumes.

  3. Step: Test

    USERKEY To test the SMS Tools, SMS Scripts and interfaces (APIs) listed below, you need your ASPSMS USERKEY and the password you have set during registration.

    Click for your USERKEY.

Available SMS tools and interfaces for ASPSMS