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SMS Blaster for Windows is a now obsolete software that was launched in 2001. Its use is now no longer recommended and we recommend the successor product:


SMS Blaster Winlog

SMS Blaster Winlog is a proven Windows application.

Originally created for the analysis of delivery notifications, it is now an extremely powerful tool for any kind of SMS sendings.

Various statistic functions give you a quick overview about the success and credit consumption of all SMS sent via your ASPSMS account. Since all your SMS are evaluated it doesn't matter how they were originally sent, e.g. via an industry application or a self-created application.

SMS Sending
SMS Blaster Winlog has many features to send SMS and manage contacts, mobile numbers, SMS text templates, etc. Some of these functions are, as far as we know, worldwide unique.

SMS Blaster Winlog

for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP,
Windows Server 2012, 2008, 2003

SMS Blaster for Windows (Legacy)

SMS Blaster Windows Edition - The perfect solution for your bulk text messages. All costumer information is stored locally on your pc, data records may be accessed via Microsoft Access and there is no cloud functionality for more privacy.

The SMS Blaster software for Windows has been initially released in June 2001. The current version is 1.41 and has been released on 2006-03-03. It has been tested and successfully used under Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

SMS Blaster SMS Blaster 1.41 for Windows
SMS Blaster is freeware. Features are: Text SMS with 160 characters, operator logos, ringtones, Picture messages, multiple SMS, alphanummeric originator and more. The Visual Basic source code is included!

Here a complete list of the features:

  • Mehrsprachig: deutsch & englisch
    Multilingual: german & english

  • Normal SMS, 160 Characters, no advertising
  • Long SMS, consisting of up to 9 parts
  • Arabic & Asiatic SMS
  • Blinking SMS
  • Flash SMS, even blinking
  • Messages may be overwritten, even if already received on mobilephone
  • VCards, even blinking
  • Operatorlogos*
  • Ringtones*
  • Picture messages*
  • Any binary data
  • Any originator, also alphanumeric
  • Phonebook with the ability to detect duplicates and Templates
  • Functions to import textfiles and SMS Blaster databases
  • Personalized sendings (like Mailmerge)
  • Detailed tracking and documentation of your sendings
  • Integrated mini browser to watch the logo collection of ASPSMS
  • WAP Push SMS picture or text (drag and drop)
  • Sendlog with delivery notifications
  • Very detailed explanations regarding the deliverystate of messages and corresponding filter options
  • Deferred delivery time with the ability to define periodic send-jobs
  • Very fast, throughput until 100 SMS per second
  • No need for additional hardware, only access to the internet required
  • Sending of bulk messages possible
  • Source available for free, and may be adapted to your own needs (Visual Basic 6.0)
  • Only the sent SMS have to be paid at wholesale conditions, ranging from 4 Cents to 6 Cents (USD)
  • More than 600 networks available
* still supported, but not really important anymore

Software download:

Click the following first link to download the ready to go SMS Blaster software. Just run the setup, order some SMS on and you will be able to use all powerfull features of the SMS Blaster. (5.35 MB)

You want to modify something on SMS Blaster? You intend to write new usefull functionalities? Click the next link to download the source code of SMS Blaster. Feel free to modify the code.
- Full version of SMS Blaster 1.41
- Visual Basic 6.0 (Important Note: Servicepack 5 has to be installed, otherwise it doesn't work) (123 KB)


Just click on the following image to get a bigger view of the SMS Blaster screenshot.

SMS Blaster Windows Edition

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Alternative Solution:

  • Webedition
      You want to start immediately? This solution is made for users who do not want to install an application on their PC but access their data from any computer with internet connection. The address book is managed online and bulks of hundreds or even thousands of personalised SMS can be sent.
    For more information go to

    Available SMS tools and interfaces for ASPSMS

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