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Dear Joachim von Watt

As a registered client of ASPSMS you get the latest information about our newly available SMS applications.


Planned Maintenance Work
on June 4th 2018

During the night of 4. June 2018, maintenance work must be carried out on network storage of the ASPSMS infrastructure. This results in a service interruption of up to 2 hours. All interfaces (APIs) can not be reached during the service interruption. Scheduled SMS planned to be sent in this period, are sent afterwards.

Date: Monday, June 4th 2018
Duration of interruption: max. 2 hours
Within time frame: 02:00 AM - 05:00 AM CET

Hint: If you are affected, we recommend that you post terminated SMS into the ASPSMS system beforehand.

SSL Certificate Renewal:
SOAP web service, JSON API

The certificate for ASPSMS SOAP web service and JSON API will be renewed on June 5, 2018.

In general, no action is required on your part! Most environments recognize the new certificate automatically.

They are affected only if your system environment specifically checks certificates. This can be the case if you use your own certificate store (keystore) that does not allow automatic update, or if your system checks the so-called fingerprint of the certificate.

Date: Tuesday, June 5th 2018
Affected URLs:
  • Within time frame: 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM CET

    If in doubt please contact the technical manager of your SMS application or our support.


    European Data Protection Regulation, so called GDPR is coming into effect in the European Union on May 25th 2018. Switzerland is not member of European Union but as ASPSMS is processing personal data for European Union clients, these regulations are also relevant for us.

    We have been compliant with applicable Swiss and European regulations from the start of ASPSMS in 2001. We have taken data protection and data privacy very seriously in the past and we are continuing on that path also in the future.

    Regarding the new EU-GDPR regulation, we have reviewed our internal processes and data security, educated our employees and made relevant updates to our Terms of Service in order to fully comply with European Data Protection Regulations.

    You will find relevant Data Protection and Data Privacy paragraphs on our Term of Service under "Data Privacy and Data Protection". The new actualised Terms of Service are now in effect. If you have any questions regarding GDPR, Data Privacy or regarding other relevant issues, feel free to write to: or call us (+41 71 246 56 56). We are happy to help you with all your inquiries.

    Email Consent for Newsletter

    We deliver from time to time news about ASPSMS and news from the telecommunication world as well as information about planned maintenance works.

    Please check your Newsletter settings

    We recommend you to set the setting to Yes to stay informed about important news and about planned maintenance works.

    ASPSMS Volume Discounts

    Take advantage of our generous volume discounts by purchasing annual ASPSMS Credits volumes at once.

    We offer five different price categories

    500 Credits @ 9 Rp. 45.00 CHF
    1'000 Credits @ 9 Rp. 90.00 CHF
    2'500 Credits @ 9 Rp. 225.00 CHF
    5'000 Credits @ 9 Rp. 450.00 CHF
    10'000 Credits @ 8 Rp. 800.00 CHF You save: CHF 100.00*
    25'000 Credits @ 8 Rp. 2'000.00 CHF You save: CHF 250.00*
    50'000 Credits @ 7 Rp. 3'500.00 CHF You save: CHF 1000.00*
    75'000 Credits @ 7 Rp. 5'250.00 CHF You save: CHF 1500.00*
    100'000 Credits @ 6 Rp. 6'000.00 CHF You save: CHF 3000.00*
    500'000 Credits @ 6 Rp. 30'000.00 CHF You save: CHF 15'000.00*
    * compared to the price for smallest order quantities
    more than 1'000'000 Credits Price on request

    Find our price list at:


    What are ASPSMS Credits and how do I buy some?

    For sending an SMS, you need so-called ASPSMS credits, which are purchased in advance. The ASPSMS credits do not expire.

    Payment Methods

    Up to an amount of CHF 800.00 you can pay by bank transfer, postal card, Paypal, Mastercard, Visa, Diners Club or American Express. From a price of CHF 800.00 on, you can conveniently pay by bank transfer.

    If you want to buy ASPSMS credits for a different amount, we are happy to send you a VAT-ready invoice as PDF document. Please contact our support to do so.

    Details for Bank Transfers

    UBS AG
    Multertor/Neugasse 54
    9001 St.Gallen
    PC-Konto: 80-2-2 (CH only)

    In favour of:

    Katharinengasse 10
    9000 St.Gallen

    Konto-No: GL-111446.0
    Clearing-No: 254
    IBAN-No: CH51 0025 4254 GL11 1446 0

    Please mention your ASPSMS account's "Client-ID: 0" and "" in the payment description.

    Credit Warnings: Never run out of ASPSMS Credits

    With this feature you can let yourself be informed by SMS and/or e-mail if your credit balance reaches or goes below a certain level. Enter as many recipients, warning levels and warning messages as you need.


    And that's how it goes:

    List your ASPSMS application at our 3rd-party solutions!

    Take the chance and additionally advertise your own ASPSMS based software e.g. your content management system or your branch specific solution that sends SMS through the ASPSMS system on:

    That's how it works:

    1. Send us a link or a demo version of your software with the appropriate login data to so we can test your product.

    2. We shall examine your software and let you know if we shall publish it at ASPSMS 3rd-party solutions. Please understand that we can only take well-engineered and error free products into consideration.

    3. If we decide to publish your product, we shall ask you for further information:
      1. Product logo
      2. Product description (title)
      3. Product version
      4. Short description
      5. Detailed product description
      6. Price/currency
      7. Purchase- or download link
      8. Further useful information that helps

      If you have a German documentation, don't hesitate to send it for our German ASPSMS-website.

    Examples for an listing on ASPSMS 3rd-party solutions:


    .app - Attractive domains for iOS
    and Android app developers

    Gutes Neues Jahr 2018 Source: Microsiervos [CC BY 2.0] via flickr.

    We offer wonderful new opportunities for innovative start-ups and established application providers at home and abroad. Attractive domains can now be registered with us for only 29 CHF per year.

    #app #android #ios #apps #phone #iphone #mobilephone #application #software #registrar #domain #domains #ntld #dotapp

    Phone: +41 (0)71 246 56 56
    Fax: +41 (0)71 246 56 57

    Products based on the
    ASPSMS system



    Credit Warning


    Available SMS tools and interfaces for ASPSMS

    Purpose and business examplesPDF
    SMS tools for End Users
    ASPSMS WinLog free
    Microsoft Office Outlook 2013-2016: Email to SMSfree
    Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 Mobile Servicefree
    Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 Mobile Servicefree
    SMSBLASTER web editionfree
    SMS Blaster Windows Editionfree
    SMS touch for iPhone and iPod touchShareware
    ECO-SMS - Ökologische SMS!Shareware
    Cybersystems mscrmSMSsee price list for details
    Jabber-Client Chatopus for Palm OSsmall one-time payment
    delight Software GmbHsee price list for details
    ASPSMS Widget for Macfree
    SMS scripts and interfaces for developers
    ASPSMS Dot Net Assembly on NuGet free
    C# Microsoft ASP.NET Identity MVC (for SOAP)free
    Node.js interface for ASPSMSfree
    PHP Class for ASPSMS SOAP web servicefree
    aspsms.dll (Active-X)free
    SOAP Web Servicefree
    ASPSMS SMTP Interfacefree
    VBscript Class (ASP)free
    PHP - Python - C# - Javafree
    Jabber to SMS for Server Adminsfree (open source)
    SMS Blaster Visual Basic Source Codefree
    Network coverage
    Supported networks around the world
    Latest News
    2017-08-18: New Tool: ASPSMS WinLog
    Affiliate Program
    We offer several attractive affiliate programs for developers, portals, ISP's, magazines, download sites and personal individuals.
    No Setup Fee
    Our prices are easy to understand! No setup costs, no maintanance fees, no fix costs at all. You pay just the desired SMS volume and based on very advantageous prices.
    SMS for your Visitors
    Add a SMS portal to your website or your clients website. A very good marketing instrument to get high traffic and to open new revenue streams based on next generation mobile technologies.
    Global Two-Way SMS
    Check out our new Two-Way SMS Service with global reach! No SIM-cards needed, no setup fee, very fast setup and a very low monthly price per number...
    Roaming to other Countries
    Our special offer: At no additional costs you get the possibility to send SMS to more than 200 countries.


    Supported operators in your country:

    Bebbicell AG
    OK Mobile
    Sunrise Mobile
    Swisscom Mobile
    Very Mucho
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    CH - 9004 St.Gallen
    Phone: +41 71 246 56 56
    Fax: +41 71 246 56 57
    Founded: 1995
    Company Number: CH-
    VAT-Number: CHE-102.692.722 MWST

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    Swiss Quality

    OFCOM registered Telecommunications Service Provider (254900005).

    ASPSMS is a product of VADIAN.NET AG (founded in 1995), a Swiss based Internet and Mobile Solutions pioneer. Thus, all data collected from you are automatically subject ofthe strict privacy policies of Switzerland. ASPSMS is Swiss technology that is fully developed in Switzerland. The support team also works in Switzerland. VADIAN.NET AG is today one of the leading global providers of SMS solutions with more than 200000 satisfied business clients. The product ASPSMS was launched in 2001.