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2018-05-31 ASPSMS XML Interface: New Server Addresses.

2017-08-18 New Tool: ASPSMS WinLog.

2017-02-23 New Version: ASPSMS Dot Net Assembly now for ASP.NET Core Projects.

2016-03-22 ASPSMS is now available on NuGet: ASPSMS Dot Net Assembly.

2015-12-15 The new ASPSMS JSON API extends the ASPSMS system with a REST interface. From two-factor authentication via ASPTOKEN to Originator unlocking, to voucher handling to individual SMS and SMS broadcasts, all current ASPSMS operations are integrated.

2015-09-22 Delivery notifications now free: Since 09/22/2015 no fees are charged for the explicit inquiry of delivery notifications.

2015-09-21 New prices for China: Since 09/21/2015 we have a better price for SMS to the networks China Mobile and China Unicom. The new price is only 1 credit instead of 1.75 credits.

2015-07-30 Tutorial: ASP.NET MVC Web Application with Two-Factor Authentication

2015-07-10 Modernization of the ASPSMS website.

2014-06-23 ASPSMS Android App (Alpha) - Become Alpha-Tester.

2013-04-19 3rd-party Solution: mod-aspsms Node.js interface for ASPSMS.

2013-02-18 3rd-party Solution: Indielab GmbH - OpenSource PHP Class for the ASPSMS SOAP web service.

2011-09-01 Increase login security: clear and distinct identification with ASPTOKEN

2011-09-01 New Version: ASPSMS SOAP Web Service. All ASPSMS functions by SOAP 1.1, SOAP 1.2, HTTP Get post and HTTP Post. Version Info: aspsmsx2 build:

2010-11-22 New: Swiss and German Global Two-Way MO Numbers are now available at ASPSMS.COM:
Global Two-Way MO Numbers

2010-11-21 New: HTTP-Post interface for simple SMS delivery. Among other purposes especialy IT-Survaillance Systems often offer a simple HTTP interface to send status notifications: HTTP-Post Interface

2010-04-29 New: SMS touch enables you to send cheap SMS via iPhone and iPod touch: SMS touch

2010-01-25 New: ASPSMS offers PayPal as a new safe and reliable Payment Method to purchase ASPSMS Credits and Global Two-Way Numbers.

2009-06-17 New: ASPSMS Outlook Mobile Service
Send text messages with Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 (no plugin or addon).

2007-07-31 New service: ASPSMS SMTP Interface
Communicate with the ASPSMS system by E-Mail.

2006-07-07 New Prices for Saudi Telecom
Starting 2006-07-07 SMS to the network SAUDI ARABIA Saudi Telecom are charged 2.75 credits.

2006-05-01 New Prices for Orange Switzerland
Starting 2006-05-01 SMS to the network SWITZERLAND Orange Communications are charged 1.75 credits.

2005-12-01 New Software: SMS Blaster Web Edition
Starting 2005-12-01 we offer a new web based version of the SMS Blaster software. It works operating system independend on Windows, MAC or Linux.

2005-12-01 New Prices for Orange Switzerland
Starting 2005-12-01 we have a better price for SMS to the network SWITZERLAND Orange Communications. The new price is 1 credit instead of 1.75 credits.

2005-02-28 Jabber to SMS (aspsms-t) released.
aspsms-t an open source jabber2sms transport, which allows you to send sms messages over the jabber network through the gateway-system of ASPSMS.

2004-04-20 SMS Blaster V1.3 released.
New features: Sending of pictures to MMS-capable mobilephones: Pictures may be selected within Internet Explorer on any Website. Afterwards, the desired picture can be transfered to SMS Blaster simply by Drag-And-Drop and can then be sent to the corresponding mobilephone. Independent of the size of picture, the sending of a picture does cost 1 Credit. Please note, that if the recipient retrieves the picture, additional costs will charged to him. However, the recipient is only charged with the normal WAP Internet download rates of the corresponding operator.
SMS Blaster V1.3 may be downloaded from the following URL:

2004-03-09 ASPSMS_XML VBScript class
The ASPSMS_XML VBScript class is addressed to developers in a Windows Scripting environment where the ActiveX-Component (aspsms.dll) cannot be installed.

2004-01-08 Prices for United Kingdom
Starting 2004-01-08 we have a better price for SMS to the network UNITED KINGDOM T-Mobile UK Ltd. The new price is 1.75 credits instead of 2.75 credits.

2003-12-31 Orange Switzerland
As announced earlier, starting 2004-1-1 we will have an Interconnection Fee to the Orange Switzerland network. We have now been able to negotiate better prices, the price per SMS will 1.75 credits instead of 2.75 credits per SMS. Probably we will be able to provide again a lower credit price per SMS starting in april 2004.

2003-12-12 Prices for Germany
Starting 2003-12-04 we have a better price for SMS to all german networks. The new price is 1.75 credits instead of 2.75 credits.

2003-12-12 Prices for Italy
Starting 2003-12-04 we have a better price for SMS to several italian networks. The new price for these italian networks is 1.75 credits instead of 2.75 credits.

2003-12-12 Orange Switzerland
Starting 2004-1-1 we will have an Interconnection Fee to the Orange Switzerland network. The price per SMS will be 2.75 credits. Probably we will be able to provide again a lower credit price per SMS starting in april 2004.

2003-10-07 WAP-Push Example released.
Due to a lot of MMS information requests we released an example for a popular technical workaround.
WAP-Push example based on ASP/IIS VB-Script.

2003-09-29 SMS Blaster V1.21 released.
New features: Increased performance by using internal compression. Smaller Installationpackage
Fixed Bugs: Installationproblems with certain Windowsconfigurations

2003-09-29 ASPSMS.COM 1.10 released.
New features:
Increased performance by using internal compression, Smaller Installationpackage
Fixed Bugs: The component now may be used on Windows 2003/IIS without problems.

2003-05-23 New Prices
Because of general currency fluctuations and to fit our sophisticated customer's needs, we have adapted our pricing system.

2003-02-24 SMS Blaster V1.2 released
New features:
Personalized sendings (like Mailmerge)
Speedimprovement of about 50 percent compared to SMS Blaster V1.1
Detailed tracking and documentation of your sendings

SMS Blaster may be downloaded from the following URL:

2002-05-15 XML Interface Specifications, Version 1.1
The BinaryFileDataHex feature makes sending operator logos easier. Finally, we have added three scripts in PHP, Python and VBScript(ASP) to exemplify how XML requests can be sent to our servers.

2002-04-18 SMS Blaster V1.1 released
New features:
Easier usage
Arabic and other Asiatic SMS
Optimized Bulk Sending
Delivery notification per SMS - A mobile-phone number may be added, which then receives notifications of sent messages.
Import of existing SMS Blaster databases
Duplicate-search within your phonebook.
Very detailed explanations regarding the delivery of messages and corresponding filter options.

Fixed Bugs:
The integrated logo minibrowser now works on every system
Some bugs within the phonebook regarding filteroptions and storing entrys have been fixed
During deployment of the new version on 2002-04-18 we had problems with corrupt installation files during the day. If you downloaded SMS Blaster V1.1 on 2002-04-18 and it doesn't work, please download and install it again.

SMS Blaster may be downloaded from the following URL:

2002-01-01 Termination Fees
Please note that we have adapted our prices to networks that have raised their costs significantly (Termination Fees).

2001-11-27 XML Interface updated
We have updated our XML Interface. We have added features like Replace Message and Binary Data Sending. We have also updated our documentation files which are available at

2001-11-07 New Prices
Because of general currency fluctuations and to fit our sophisticated customer's needs, we have adapted our pricing system.

2001-09-10 SMS Blaster 1.04 Bugfix released
Bugs fixed:
Installationproblems with previous versions of SMS Blaster
Bug in phonebook has been fixed (Button 'Remove from Recipientlist')
Problems with Flashing and Blinking SMS have also been fixed

2001-09-06 SMS Blaster 1.04 released
New features:
Many tiny enhancements in phonebook, sendlog and other parts of the application
Integrated minibrowser to watch the logo collection of ASPSMS
Support for long messages added, up to 9 SMS now may concatenated
Messages may be overwritten, even if already received on mobilephone

2001-08-22 IMPORTANT INFORMATION concerning German networks
Because of price changes of our external partners (Termination costs) we had to adapt our price model. A short message to VIAG Interkom Germany is now charged with 2 credits.
Thanks for your understanding.
The prices for all other networks will remain the same.

2001-08-17 New features implemented:
ASPSMS now contains more than 650 randomlogos.

The properties FlashingSMS and BlinkingSMS now may be used in combination.
SMS.MessageData = "This Message <BLINK>FLASHS</BLINK> and <BLINK>BLINKS</BLINK>!!!"
SMS.FlashingSMS = True
SMS.BlinkingSMS = True

To use new these features, it's not necessary to download ASPSMS again. The enhancements are automatically enabled for all existing installations.

2001-07-16 ASPSMS.COM 1.02 released.
ASPSMS contains two properties:
This enables you to create content on the fly or to store your pictures and ringtones in a database without having to handle many separate files simultaneously.

2001-08-22 IMPORTANT INFORMATION concerning italian networks
Because of price changes of our external partners (Termination costs) we had to adapt our price model. A short message to OMNITEL Italy is now charged with 3 credits.
Thanks for your understanding.
The prices for all other networks will remain unaffected.

2001-06-14 ASPSMS.COM 1.01 released.
ASPSMS contains several new features:
- VCards, sending of phonebook entrys, even blinking
- Message Waiting Indications, sending of several types of notification messages

New methods and properties:

2001-05-23 ASPSMS.COM 1.0 released.
ASPSMS now contains functions to inquire the status of submitted messages.
It's now possible to send GroupLogos and to set a date when the message should be sent.
New methods and properties:

2001-05-06 - website version 1.0 launched.

2001-04-26 SendPictureMessage method added.
Sends a Picture-Message.
Example: SMS.SendPictureMessage

2001-04-26 XSer property added.

2001-04-10 ASPSMS.COM Beta 0.91 released.
Additional properties have been added.

2001-03-16 ASPSMS.COM Beta 0.90 released.

Available SMS tools and interfaces for ASPSMS

Purpose and business examplesPDF
SMS tools for End Users
ASPSMS WinLog free
Microsoft Office Outlook 2013-2016: Email to SMSfree
Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 Mobile Servicefree
Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 Mobile Servicefree
SMSBLASTER web editionfree
SMS Blaster Windows Editionfree
SMS touch for iPhone and iPod touchShareware
ECO-SMS - Ökologische SMS!Shareware
Cybersystems mscrmSMSsee price list for details
Jabber-Client Chatopus for Palm OSsmall one-time payment
delight Software GmbHsee price list for details
ASPSMS Widget for Macfree
SMS scripts and interfaces for developers
ASPSMS Dot Net Assembly on NuGet free
C# Microsoft ASP.NET Identity MVC (for SOAP)free
Node.js interface for ASPSMSfree
PHP Class for ASPSMS SOAP web servicefree
aspsms.dll (Active-X)free
SOAP Web Servicefree
ASPSMS SMTP Interfacefree
VBscript Class (ASP)free
PHP - Python - C# - Javafree
Jabber to SMS for Server Adminsfree (open source)
SMS Blaster Visual Basic Source Codefree
Network coverage
Supported networks around the world

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2017-05-31: XML Interface: New Server Addresses
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