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No Setup fee, no monthly fees, no hidden costs. Credits do not expire.

To send an SMS you need ASPSMS credits, which are purchased in advance. The ASPSMS credits are valid for an unlimited period and do not expire. You can pay by bank transfer, various credit cards such as Eurocard/Mastercard, Visa, American Express or Diners Club as well as PayPal, TWINT and Swiss Postcard or you redeem a voucher. Please note our attractive Volume Discounts.

Prices for customers outside Switzerland without VAT (tax liability of the beneficiary).

Send SMS to:

Purchase Quantity:

Networks/Operators: United States of America Price
AT&T (0.3 Credits)1.8 US Cent/SMS
Commnet Wireless (0.3 Credits)1.8 US Cent/SMS
Sprint-Nextel (0.3 Credits)1.8 US Cent/SMS
T-Mobile USA (0.3 Credits)1.8 US Cent/SMS
Verizon Wireless (0.3 Credits)1.8 US Cent/SMS

For technical reasons ASPSMS generally ignores any number porting when billing. The number of credits required results exclusively based on the area code of the recipient numbers.

ASPSMS Volume Discounts

Package Pricing
500 Credits 8 US Cent40.00 USD
1000 Credits 8 US Cent80.00 USD
2500 Credits 8 US Cent200.00 USD
5000 Credits 8 US Cent400.00 USD

10000 Credits 7.5 US Cent750.00 USD (You save: 50.00 USD)*
25000 Credits 7.5 US Cent1875.00 USD (You save: 125.00 USD)*

50000 Credits 6.5 US Cent3250.00 USD (You save: 750.00 USD)*
75000 Credits 6.5 US Cent4875.00 USD (You save: 1125.00 USD)*

100000 Credits 6 US Cent6000.00 USD (You save: 2000.00 USD)*

Larger QuantitiesPrice on request
* compared to the price for smallest order quantities

Ask for free test SMS

Are you a new client or a developer? Or do you want to try out one of the numerous applications using (e.g. Outlook 2007 Mobile Service)? Ask for Free Test SMS Volumes.

Redeem Voucher

If you easily want to give credits to another ASPSMS user, you have the ability to generate voucher codes.

Voucher codes have no expiration date and can be redeemed by yourself. Therefore, you have a built-in money-back guarantee.

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