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SMS Blaster Winlog

SMS Blaster Winlog is a proven Windows application.

Originally created for the analysis of delivery notifications, it is now an extremely powerful tool for any kind of SMS sendings.

Various statistic functions give you a quick overview about the success and credit consumption of all SMS sent via your ASPSMS account. Since all your SMS are evaluated it doesn't matter how they were originally sent, e.g. via an industry application or a self-created application.

SMS Sending
SMS Blaster Winlog has many features to send SMS and manage contacts, mobile numbers, SMS text templates, etc. Some of these functions are, as far as we know, worldwide unique.

SMS Blaster Winlog

  for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista,
Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008, 2003


  • Quick access to all text messages sent since 1.1.2016.

  • Access to all SMS
    The tool works independent of the used ASPSMS interface. It does not matter which software or which interface were used to send sms or have been used in the past.

  • Statistics for each individual number
    A statistical data record is created for each text message sent. Successfully delivered or failed sms are counted.

  • Recommendations for each individual number
    The ASPSMS system provides a specific recommendation for each phone number number as to whether the number should be taken into consideration for future broadcasts or not. Not only the last broadcast is taken into account, but all transactions made since January 2016 on a specific number. The recommendation is represented by kind of a traffic light system: green, yellow or red.

  • Ignorelist
    If you add a number to the system-wide ignorelist, it will be ignored in future broadcasts and no ASPSMS credits will be charged. With the help of the ignorelist, you can avoid time-consuming updates of your source data (CRM data, Excel Sheets, text files, etc.). Instead, simply add the "bad" numbers to the Ignoreliste and the case is done for you.

  • Statistics about broadcasts and credit usage
    The number of sent SMS and the credits consumed can be displayed per day or month.

  • Statistics Delivery Success
    The number of SMS delivered, failed or not yet delivered is indicated for each day. In addition, the number of recipients and the number of SMS is indicated as a whole.

  • Statistics Number quality
    This statistics shows the total number of recipients and the corresponding proportions in the various quality classes (green, yellow or red)

  • Statistics Networks
    The home network is displayed for each number and the percentage of the individual networks is displayed.

  • Multi-client capability
    Multiple credentials can be saved for switching accounts easily.

  • Contact Import
    External files (Text, Excel and VCF) can be imported flexibly. In addition, you have the possibility to paste contacts directly from the clipboard.

  • Success prediction
    Even before sending, an estimated delivery rate is calculated automatically.

  • Number cleanup
    Automatic cleanup of the phone book based on the delivery results of all previous transactions.

  • Warning Messages
    Before a broadcast, the sending parameters are checked according to a variety of criteria. If discrepancies are found, any errors can be corrected before final send, e.g. if an attempt is made to send to invalid numbers.

  • Duplicates
    There are many functions for avoiding, searching for and eliminating duplicates

  • Integrated first name database
    Based on the first name, the gender (m/f) is automatically indicated.

  • Number Quality
    Each contact in the phonebook is displayed in colour according to its classification: Green, yellow, red or white

  • SMS Templates
    Frequently used message texts can be saved as templates and reused later.

  • Powerful search and sorting functions

  • Download SMS Blaster Winlog
    for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP Windows Server 2012, 2008, 2003

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