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Case Studies: Recruitment

Simple, direct and binding: Recruiting by SMS

The job agency WorkingPeople places skilled personnel to the building industry for seasonal und temporary assignments by SMS. WorkingPeople maintains a pool of workers divided into several job categories from bricklayers to electricians.

Foto: pixabay/public domain

The clients of WorkingPeople demand for temporary workers: during the winter mostly for alteration and rebuilding during the summer mostly for construction of new buildings. The employees of the personnel agency place about 250 workers as required to their clients.

Fact: The short and concise communication by SMS results in simple an efficient placing of temporary personal.

SMSBLASTER.CH web edition As main instrument of communication, the SMSBLASTER.COM web edition is used in combination with a Global Two-Way number (e.g. +447624000000).

WorkingPeople sends all short messages with this number as originator.

The workers send short messages for the agency exclusively to the Global Two-Way number +447624000000.

All replies of the workers are received in the Two-Way Inbox of the SMSBLASTER.COM web edition.

The job agency maintains an address group for every job category in the address book of the SMSBLASTER.COM web edition: e.g. bricklayers, iron workers, polishing, carpenters, plumbing, electrician, plasterers, painters, soil layers, unskilled workers etc.


Application Last December, the trained bricklayer Luigi personally applies at WorkingPeople, fills out the application form and has a short job interviews with the chief of staff Roland.

After a few days, Roland has verified some references about Luigi. He instructs the secretary Sonja to add Luigi to the personnel-pool.

Sonja adds Luigi to the address book of the SMSBLASTER.COM web edition and adds the entry to the address group Bricklayers.

Living/dining hall In January, Mrs. Rutz from Oerlikon decided to divide the combined living/dinig hall into two more practical rooms. Therefore she calls the construction company Da Nunzio GmbH but their bricklayers are all on a job. Mr. Da Nunzio calls at WorkingPeople und asks for a brick layer for two days.

Sonja the secretary sends the following requests:

(The place holder is being substituted by the SMSBLASTER.COM web edition with the first name of the recipient according to the address book.)

SMS-OUT (to the address group brick layers, 37 workers): Hello ! Bricklayer job, January 24.-25. in Oerlikon. Positive replies till 17h00 can be considered. Cheers, Sonja

Sonja receives the following replies into the SMSBLASTER.COM web edition Two-Way Inbox:

SMS-IN: Va bene, Luigi
SMS-IN: can come, regards, milorad
SMS-IN: 1 day ok, too? Goran

Sonja makes her decision and replies back:

SMS-OUT: Hello Luigi. Please be at Da Nunzio GmbH in Oerlikon January 24th, contact: Danillo. Cheers, Sonja
SMS-OUT (to 36 bricklayers): bricklayer job, januars 24.-25. in Oerlikon given away. Please no more replies. Sonja - WorkingPeople

More everyday examples

The following examples impressively show, how the SMSBLASTER.COM web edition makes everyday's placement of workers easy for the WorkingPeople job agency:

SMS-IN: Hi Sonja. When do I have to be at Renobau, tomorrow? Thx in advance, Stephan

SMS-OUT: Hi Stephan: March 18th 07h00 directly at the Wollishofen train station. Best, Sonja

SMS-OUT: Werner, I still don't have your social security papers. Please bring them tomorrow or send by mail. Regards, Sonja
SMS-OUT: Werner. Please text or call immediately. Sonja

SMS-IN: Hi sonja. Will bring tomorrow, promised! Best, Wänä

(The place holder is being substituted by the SMSBLASTER.COM web edition with the first name of the recipient according to the address book.)

SMS-IN: Sonja, it is 6h45 - the bus did not come. What to do? Jakub

SMS-OUT (to all workers picked up by the construction company's bus: Hi , there was an accident. Buss is 20min late. Please wait. Have a nice day, Sonja

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