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Case Studies

Well organized through SMS: Fastnacht-association

Like every year, at November 11th, 11:11 o'clock the begin of carnival is celebrated. The Fastnacht-association Guggenmusik «Hellsbells» informs its members reliably and on time by SMS in spite of the chaos before and during the hustle and bustle of the festivities.

Guggenmusik - an important part of the Swiss carneval - translates as Happy music and certainly seems to bring the best out of both those who perform it and those who are entertained by it. The bands are generally about 40 strong and combine large percussion sections of bass drums and trolley mounted kit drums with even larger brass sections of trumpets, trombones, euphoniums and sousaphones.

The Fastnacht-Band Guggenmusik «Hellsbells» from Jeckenwil is an association with 155 members. 35 of them are active band members, 105 passive members (sponsors and favorers, etc.) and 15 are veterans.

To prepare the upcoming season, the Fastnacht-association started its activities already in summer: rehearsal of new music pieces, patterns for the 2009 costumes were created, the schedule for the gigs was planned - now the first fixed terms impend.

 Fact: Communication by SMS is reliable and binding and suitable for information and coordination of groups. 

As main instrument of communication, the SMSBLASTER.COM web edition is used in combination with a Global Two-Way number (e.g. +447624000000).

The management of the Fastnacht-association sends all short messages with this number as originator.

The members send short messages to the Fastnacht-association management exclusively to the Global Two-Way number +447624000000.

All replies of the members are received in the Two-Way Inbox of the SMSBLASTER.COM web edition.

The Fastnacht-association maintains an address group for every job category in the address book of the SMSBLASTER.COM web edition: Management, Active Members, Passive Members, Veterans.


September 15h, Judith the member responsible for the custumes, reminds all active members to be concerned about their costumes in time:

SMS-OUT (to the group Active members): Dear Hellsbells. Please go sure, that your costumes are ready end of october. Best, Judith

After an e-mail reminder has been sent thursday, september 30th, Guido, the president of the organisation committee prepares a last SMS reminder with deferred delivery at the day of the rehearsal to the active members:

(The place holder {First name} is being substituted by the SMSBLASTER.COM web edition with the first name of the recipient according to the address book.)

SMS-OUT (to the group Active Members): Hello {First name}! DON'T FORGET: rehearsal tonight 19:30 (without costume), Gym Jeckenwil, please assure your instrument to work properly. cu later, Guido

Reminder annual fee
September 1st, the Fastnacht-association's treasurer Paul sends an SMS to all members which didn't pay the annual fee yet:

(The place holder {First name} is being substituted by the SMSBLASTER.COM web edition with the first name of the recipient according to the address book.)

SMS-OUT (to late payers): Hello {First name}! I didn't receive your annual Hellsbells fee yet. Please wire the 45.- within 3 days. Thx, Paul

Costume rehearsal
The day before the costume rehearsal, the president of the committee sends the following SMS to the active members:

SMS-OUT (to the group Active Payers): Hi Hellsbells, tommorrow thu 06.11.2008 19:30 big costume rehearsal at the city hall Jeckenwil. Don't forget to wear black shoes! CU, Guido

11.11. 11 Uhr 11
The day before the 11.11. all members of the Fastnacht-association - they already got an e-mail invitation to the happening before - a last SMS reminder:

SMS-OUT (to all members): Dear Hellsbells. Don't miss the Fastnacht-Start tomorrow the 11.11. 11:11 in SG. We meet 10:30 at market place (first drink will be ready)

As a special joke, Guido has prepared an SMS broadcast with deferred delivery to all members and to his whole personal network to be sent the 11.11. 11:11 o'clock.

As alphanumeric originator he choose the name of the Guggenmusik: Hellsbells

SMS-OUT (to all): Tatta-tatta-ta-ta-taa ... tattata-tatta-taaa-taaa ... The Fastnachts-Season has herewith started - let us all be happy!

The 11.11. exactly at 11:11 o'clock, the broadcast will be released and several hundred recpients receive the message within seconds.

Day off/vacation application
There are many gigs between fat thursday and ash wednesday. The president of the Fastnachts-Association reminds the active members not to forget to apply for days off at work or vacation.

SMS-OUT (to the group Active Members): Dear Hellsbells. DON'T FORGET: apply for days off or vacation for carneval 2009 (CW08/09) Fat Thu: 19.02.-Asch Wed: 25.02.2009

Invitation to christmas dinner
The Fastnachts-association invites active members, seniors and sponsors to a christmas dinner, every year. Trudi does the organisation by SMS:

SMS-OUT (to the groups Active Members, Seniors and to selected sponsors): Hellsbells christmas dinner december 18th restaurant Rössli Jeckenwil. Please confirm or call off participation until dec. 11th. thank you, Trudi
SMS-IN: hi trudi, I'm in, Wernherr
SMS-IN: same procedure as every year. lookin' fwd :-) cheers, heidi
SMS-IN: no, will spend holidays in thailand this year. Bruno 
SMS-IN: Great. i confirm. best, trix etc.

Reminder - Fat Thursday
President Guido is lookinf forward to Fat Thursday and informs all members of the Fastnacht-association:

SMS-OUT (to all members): Dear Hellsbells. Tomorrow finally is the day. We meet at 04:30 at the station Jeckenwil, coach and beverages will be ready.