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Microsoft OMS discontinued: Outlook 2013-2016: Email to SMS Setup

For Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2016 users, ASPSMS provides the service Email to SMS as an adequate alternative.

Since Outlook 2013 the Outlook Mobile Service / Mobile Service Office (OMS) of Microsoft has been discontinued. With Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010 the OMS can still be used.

How does Email to SMS work?

Emails sent to (for example are accepted by the ASPSMS SMTP interface, interpreted and then delivered as SMS within seconds.

Authentication is done by the sender's email address. This email address must be different from the email address of the user's ASPSMS account.

The implicit authentication by SMTP Originator means that not the usually used combination of the Userkey and the password is the «secret» that entitles someone to send SMS but the sender's email address is. Therefore, please read carefully our setup instructions below.

Email to SMS Setup

1. Unlock secret email address

We recommend that the secret email address is not self-explanatory. It has to differ from the ASPSMS account email address and it has to be kept as carefully secret, as the combination of the Userkey and the password. The secret email address must be notified to us and has to be unlocked by the ASPSMS system.

Let us know: via which ASPSMS Account and with what secret email address you want to send.

Good example:
Bad example:

Once we have confirmed the activation of the secret email address, you can get started. Send an email to or use our support form to let us know the secret email address.

You are not limited only to one email address: if you run multiple Outlook installations and want to send email to SMS from different systems, just let us know all email addresses you want to have unlocked.

2. Add Outlook Email Account

If you set up multiple email accounts in Microsoft Outlook, you can choose which account to use when you send a message. In order to comfortably send Email to SMS, it is advisable to add an additional Outlook email account.

Follow the Microsoft Office tutorial Set up an additional email account:
  1. Choose Manual setup or additional server types
  2. Choose POP or IMAP
  3. Enter the formerly unlocked secret email address to EMail Address.
  4. Enter the server names for incoming and outgoing mail server (SMTP) your ISP or your email administrator can provide you with. (Be sure, that the outgoing mail server allows sending emails with the secret email address.)
  5. Click More settings ... and name the new added account for example as: Email to SMS.

3. Add Email to SMS addresses to your contacts

In order to comfortably send EMail to SMS, it is necessary that you add corresponding Email to SMS addresses to your contacts.

Add an additional Email address in the format to your contacts.


Using Email to SMS

1. Choose Email to SMS Account

If you set up multiple email accounts in Microsoft Outlook, you can choose which account to use when you send a message.

Follow the Microsoft Office tutorial Choose which email account to use to send an email message:
  1. Open a new email message
  2. In the message window, above the To button, click From.
  3. Click the account Email to SMS.

2. Choose Recipient

Be sure that you choose the Email to SMS address and not the normal email address of the contact.

You can recognize the SMS to EMail address by the pattern:
  • e.g.

3. Set SMS Originator

The ASPSMS allows numeric and alphanumeric originators. Numeric originators have to be unlocked in advance. When sending Email to SMS the SMS originator is set using the subject line.

Set the SMS originator by subject line following the pattern: Originator=.

    Example for numeric SMS originator:

    Example for alphanumeric SMS originator:

4. Send Email to SMS

If you send the properly composed Email, it is accepted by the ASPSMS SMTP interface and delivered as SMS within seconds.

Click the Button [Send] or use the Shortcut Ctrl-Enter.

These instructions might sound complex at first reading but don?t worry. Just go through step by step and you will succeed! And if you have any problems, our support team will be glad to help! Also you will realize after the successful setup that the usage of the service will be as simple as sending emails.

Try out the Email to SMS feature right now!

The ASPSMS Team wishes you a lot of fun with this new feature.

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