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Microsoft Office Outlook 2007

Outlook Mobile Service

Send Text Message
After the Outlook Mobile Service was configured, the new message type Text Message is available.

Choose Text Message from the select menu of the button [New...].

Open New Text Message.
Text Message
Learn how to send a text message to a mobile phone.

Click the [To...] button to choose one or more recipients or a phone contact group, or alternatively enter them into the Input box next to the [To...] button.

Open New Text Message.
Mobile Address Book.
Write your text message into the main input area.

A mouse click on the button [Send] will send the text message.

Receive replies.
Depending on the reply-option chosen, direct replies are delivered to your own mobile phone, to the ASPSMS account e-mail address, to an e-mail address of your choice or to a script of your choice on your web server.

Replies to an e-mail address look like follows:

Replies to e-mail addresses are send from

Put this e-mail address on the white list of your anti spam configuration.

Do not answer and do not write e-mails to the e-mail address E-mails to this address will go to nirvana. Reply by sending a new text message to the mobile phone contact.

Reply to e-mail address.
More Outlook Mobile Services usage instructions: Microsoft resources for the Outlook Mobile Service:

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