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glit.App - CRM Software for SMEs

With glit.App made by gl it gmbh | Internet Software private, associations, self-employed, entrepreneurs, SMEs, indeed anyone interested a professional CRM get a software solution for managing contacts and documents. There are also other modules, which are also offered for free, such as benefits, projects, products, inventory, purchase orders.

gl it gmbh | Internet Software is specialized in the realization of software projects for SMEs.

The software solution glit.App is free and can be downloaded at no cost. The whole package is available for free for everyone.


  • User login
  • Multitenant
  • Database
  • Client-server architecture (multi-user)
  • Support network
  • effective full-text search
  • Companies or individuals
  • Connect people with company
  • Categorization with tags
  • Store documents
  • Unlimited communication per contact (address, e-mail, telephone, Internet)
  • Communication by email, text message , letter
  • Automated letter
  • Print list
  • Unlimited projects per contact
  • Service entry per project
  • Fees and effectively fix
  • Pause
  • Evaluation: Project Accounting
  • Evaluation: employee payroll hours
  • Evaluation: Employee Expenses
  • Create invoice automatically from power detection and orders
  • Recurring billing (subscription)
  • Expression in Word, including payment slip
  • Simple or recurring todos
  • Todo assign a user or team
  • Show-down function

Sending SMS with glit.App

Use of this function is simple. The dispatch of SMS is cheaper than directly through the mobile network..


  • Property managers: Inform them that the current in the next hour, all tenant fails due to construction work.
  • Detailed lists: Send an SMS once the ordered items have arrived to your customers.
  • and many more ...

How do I have to proceed to send SMS with glit.App?

Setting up the SMS function in 2 steps:
  1. Register at ASPSMS and order ASPSMS credits
  2. Enter ASPSMS credentials in glit.App settings

Start glit.App and enter "Settings", sender name, username and password:

To send a text message, select recipients, Kontakte -> SMS Schreiben:

Enter the SMS message and send:

The text message is immediately delivered on the recipient's mobilei phone:


General Information on the Application:

Facts and Features:

Download the software (Windows Vista and later):

Description SMS feature:

Available SMS tools and interfaces for ASPSMS

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Supported operators in your country:

Digitec Connect
Lidl Connect
OK Mobile
Sunrise Mobile
Swisscom Mobile