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Microsoft Office Outlook 2007

Outlook Mobile Service

Forward Outlook Objects as Text Message
Any Outlook Object can be forwarded as Text Message with Outlook Mobile Service.

That is how you forward an e-mail as Text Message to a mobile phone.

Right-click the concerning e-mail and choose Forward as Text Message .

Customize the Text Message
Outlook opens the Text Message Editor containing the text of the e-Mail. The content can be customized the way you like.


Choose recipient
Choose one or more recipients. You can also make use of Distribution Lists when forwarding an e-mail as a Text Message.


A mouse click on the button [Send] will send the text message.


Forward any Outlook Objects
Not only e-mails can be forwarded as Text Message

Most Outlook Objects can be forwarded by a right click on them.

Forward RSS
RSS Feeds you have subscribed for can also be forwarded easily as Text Message.

RSS weiterleiten.

Forward Appointments
Even Elements from your Outlook Calendar - Appointments, Conferences and Series - can be forwarded.


Forward Contacts
Forward Contact Information from your Outlook Addressbook. Every information about a contact will be added to the Text Message.


Forward Tasks
Tasks from the Microsoft Outlook 2007 To-Do List can also be comfortably forwarded as text message.


More Outlook Mobile Services usage instructions: Microsoft resources for the Outlook Mobile Service:

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