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Microsoft Office Outlook 2007

Outlook Mobile Service

Configuration of the most important Mobile Notifications
Select if and how incoming messages and calendar entries are forwarded as text messages.

Open Options in the menu Tools.

Open Outlook 2007 options.
Outlook Mobile Notifications
Configuration of the most important Mobile Notification Options.

A mouse click to the button [Notifications...] opens the dialog Outlook Mobile Notifications.

Outlook 2007 Optionen.
Message Notification
Incoming messages are forwarded as Text Message.

Select if and how incoming messages are forwarded at Message Notification.

Outlook 2007 Mobile Notification - Message Notification.
Send reminders as text messages to your mobile phone.

Decide if and how reminders are sent to your mobile phone at Reminders and Calendar Summary.

Outlook 2007 Mobile Notificaction - Reminders.
Calendar Summary
Send next day's schedule to your mobile phone as text message.

Decide if and how Calendar Summaries are sent to your mobile phone.

Outlook 2007 Mobile-Benachrichtigung - Calendar Summary.
Activate Notifications
You have finished the Mobile Notifications setup.

Confirm the settings by mouse click on the button [OK].

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