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Outlook Mobile Service

Distribution Lists for the Outlook Mobile Service
Simplify text message broadcasts to many recipients with the help of Distribution Lists.

Choose Text Message from the select menu of the button [New...].

Open new Distribution List.
Distribution List
To make a difference to E-Mail Distribution Lists with the same name, it is recommended to give Distribution Lists an appropriate label.

  1. Give the Distribution List a self explaining name:

    e.g. Sales (Text Message)

  2. A mouse click to the button [Select Members] opens the dialog Select names: Contacts (Mobile)

Distribution List.
Select names: Contacts (Mobile)
  1. In the Menu Address Book choose the option Contacts right below Mobile Address Book.

  2. Search your mobile contacts in the mobile address book, ...

  3. ... select them ...

  4. ... and add them by mouse click to the button [Members ->].

  5. Confirm adding the selection by a mouse click to the button [OK].
Mobile Address Book.
Save Distribution List
A mouse click to the button [Save & close] finishes the creation of the Distribution List.
Save Distribution List.
Distribution List usage
You now learned how to create Distribution Lists.

Set up Distribution Lists for your most important mobile contact groups.

Use Distribution Lists as recipients when sending text messages or rules.

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